Saturday, 21 March 2020

Cruel Sea's Merchant Ships

I have been painting some stuff lately but have not put it on here largely as I've been busy playing games. However, with the club now in corona virus lock down I won't have as many game reports to do!

I wanted to add some more merchant ships for Cruel Sea's but was unwilling to pay the Warlord prices (even with the discount you can get buying from Wayland Games) so had a look on Ebay and found some made from MDF at £12.50 for three ships which seemed very reasonable.

The kits were fairly basic but produced three quite large models that I could have added more detail to (which I thought about but couldn't be bothered in the end!)

Merchant Ship A:

Merchant Ship B:

Merchant Ship C:

So not the best models but great value (three of the Warlord ones would have cost at least £45) and they will do a job, I can always add more detail to them later if I want to.

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