Thursday, 22 August 2019

Chain of Command Germans v Russians

I started off wargaming at a club in Redcar a very long time ago now (or so it seems). As I was making a visit to the area I thought I'd see if I could arrange a game while I was there.

A few posts and messages on Facebook later I had a game of Chain of Command with Ian and Chris from the 'Redcar Ironbeards' club booked for Monday evening with me using the Germans and Ian his Russians set around 1942.

After a little wandering around looking for the venue I managed to find it (via a boxing club!) and met up with Ian and Chris. They had already set up the table and were keen to try CoC as they usually played Bolt Action.

We went for the 'Probe' scenario with just the basic platoons and a couple of support points to keep things simple:

Following the patrol phase which somewhat pinned the Russians in the top right corner of the table the Germans quickly deployed a squad and the 3cm mortar by the road junction:

A squad of Russians (13 strong!) appeared behind one of the ruined buildings:

A second squad joined the first German squad ready to make a dash for the other side of the table:

The Russians attempt to cross the road but are fired upon by the waiting Germans and take some casualties:

A second squad of Russians had appeared in the woods and was well placed to move off the table quickly. In response the third German squad lined the hedge and went on overwatch to cover the potential Russian advance:

The second German squad crosses the road and lines the hedge:

More Russians appear. The squad that crossed the road has taken almost 50% losses:

The first German squad detaches the rifle team to make a dash off table covered by the second squad. The final German squad deploys in the house directed by the Leutnent:

The German Feldwebel co-ordinates the squads:

The Russian squad in the woods makes a run for the table edge:

The Germans are also running to get off the table, who will win the race?!:

The Germans exit the table first completing the patrol mission:

The Russians from the wood have taken heavy losses and several shock stopping them advancing:

The Germans advance to finish off the Russians in the wood:

The Russian squad that had been weakened crossing the road moves out to take on the Germans but quickly loses out in an uneven firefight:

Both German squads fire into the exposed Russians who bravely return fire:

The Germans lose three men but the Russians are wiped out:

It was great to meet Ian and Chris and they both enjoyed the game. They had watched some of the Youtube games of CoC and had a good idea how the rules worked considering it was their first game. It was only the second outing for my Germans and it was noticeable how much the better command and control of the Germans made a difference with a lot more opportunity to activate units.

Hopefully next time I'm in the North East I can arrange another game.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Chain of Command '30 Day's to Dunkirk'

One of my regular opponents, Jerry, has written a pint-sized campaign about the actions of the Royal Irish Fusiliers in May 1940. Gary and I agreed to play a run through of the first scenario with Jerry as umpire. Also observing was Richard, the rules author, who is interested in turning Jerry's campaign into an 'official' one!

I took the BEF force while Gary took command of the Germans. We both rolled low for support so choices were limited. I went for a pre-game barrage, two crew for the Boy's anti-tank rifle and a sniper. Gary had an Sdkfz 222, a pre-game barrage of his own and a shabby Nazi trick.

The scenario had the Irish defending a Belgian Anti-Tank Gate. I had no idea what this was but apparently it looked like this:

I'm not sure how that would stop a tank but I suppose 1940's tanks were small. The Irish first had to wait for a Bren Carrier to turn up then use the carrier to close the gate.

The gate was positioned on a road between two houses.The patrol phase went well for the Irish who got three jump off points around the two houses. The Germans started further back:

The first German squad deploys by the destroyed house. The British barrage was very effective in stopping the Germans deploying:

Number 1 Section lines a stone wall and awaits the German attack:

Number 2 section joins them in the upper story of the house. They have a poor field of fire from here though as there are no windows facing the direction the Germans will come from!:

The Germans creep forwards but come under fire. The Irish mortar starts laying smoke:

The shabby Nazi trick is revealed! A fake French officer appears at one of the British jump off points:

The German armoured car arrives and drives through the smoke. The German squad creeps forward again but take more losses from the remarkably efficient shooting of Number 1 section:

The Boy's AT rifle takes a shot at the Sdkfz 222. It hits home damaging the gun sight and putting a shock on the crew:

A second German squad arrives and runs forward:

They continue their advance. The Irish will need to do something about this soon:

The initial German squad has been almost wiped out by the marksmanship of Section Number 1:

Section Number 3 arrives and pours fire into the advancing Germans:

The mortar manages to put some smoke in front of the Sdkfz 222. The advancing Germans hop into the enclosure to get away from the Irish fire:

The survivors of the first German squad attempt to regroup:

The final German squad has deployed and joined its comrades in the enclosure:

The Bren carrier moves up to close the Belgian gate:

Section Number 2 has moved out of the building and round to support Section Number 3. The Lieutenant personally supervises their fire on the Germans in the enclosure. BEF marksmanship again pays off with the Germans dropping like flies:

A German rifle team makes a dash for the gate covered by the Sdkfz 222 and the remaining Germans in the enclosure:

Five of the Germans are shot down and the sixth bayoneted in a charge by Number 1 Section who also manage to throw a grenade into the Sdkfz 222!:

German morale has collapsed and they retreat leaving the Irish to close the gate and retire themselves:

As a scenario it seemed to play well. I think Gary had by far the worse luck, the British barrage repeatedly stopped him deploying and the Irish shot with remarkable accuracy and effect. The armoured car could have been more effective for Gary but didn't do much and was repeatedly hit by the anti tank rifle. Even Gary's mortar ran out of ammunition the first time it fired!

Losses were very one sided, the Irish lost 2 men from Number 1 Section, 4 from Number 2 Section and 2 from Number 3 Section. Given that there was a 9 difference in force morale all my losses would have come back for the next game. Gary's three sections were pretty much wiped out so his platoon would not have been much use in the rest of the campaign.

Blucher Kingdom of Italy Corps

It's been a while since I added to my 15mm Napoleonic collection to any extent so I thought I'd continue adding some allies to my French army.

This time I chose the Kingdom of Italy and bought the figures from Essex Miniatures (apart from the guns which are from Lancashire Games, the Essex ones being stupidly expensive).

Italian Chasseurs a Cheval:

A heavy artillery battery:

The 5th Infantry Regiment:

The 7th Infantry Regiment:

The final unit is the Italian Guard. These are very old Minifigs figures:

All I need to do now is find a couple of suitable generals.

TYW Cuirassiers

The final unit (for the moment at least) of the 28mm ECW/TYW army has been finished. I bought them at Salute from 1st Corps and I think they fit in well with the other figures:

The rear view!:

I haven't managed to arrange a game for this army yet and it is in danger of disappearing into the background, when I started it there was a bit of interest in 28mm FoGR at the club but that's died out a bit now....

Chain of Command WW2 Soviets

One of the scenario's for the Kursk campaign involves the Russians attempting to evacuate three carts of wounded men from Butovo. I already had some suitable carts and managed to make up a few wounded figures from the remnants of the Finnish kickstarter army and some seated passengers I didn't use from an Sdkfz 251 half track.

Cart One:

Cart Two:

Cart Three:

I also did a ZIS-3 anti-tank gun for the last Kursk game, sadly it didn't get into action but I'm sure it will have more opportunities in the future: