Monday, 28 December 2020

Rommel Early War Soviets

The last additions to my forces for 2020 are some more tanks for my Early War Soviets for Rommel. Andy found a whole load of scenarios on the web for Barbarossa which required a few tanks I didn't already have. All of these are from Pendraken.

BT7 tanks:

A couple of BA6 armoured cars:

Finally the HUGE T-35 tank, sadly not as efficient in the rules as it looks:

I should now have enough Russians to do most Early and Mid War battles with a few extra for Late War scenarios. Early War Soviets are truly appalling in the rules so it will be interesting to see how they play out....  

Infamy, Infamy Early Imperial Romans

The opposition for the Ancient Britons, some Newline Designs Early Imperial Romans. As with the Britons these were painted with the Vallejo washes plus, as there were some suitable ones available, LBMS shield transfers.

The Legion, four groups plus a Centurion and Signifer:

Two groups of Auxilia plus a Centurion:

A group of Auxiliary cavalry:

Finally some Eastern Auxiliary archers:

Unlike the Britons I'm really pleased with these, they were so easy to paint and the washes gave a nice shaded effect. The shield transfers also helped a lot, I've tried LBMS shield transfers on 15mm figures before and been unimpressed (mainly as they are so frustrating to apply!) but with the larger 20mm figures they were really easy to apply and are much nicer than I could have painted by hand. Just need to be allowed to attend the club again now to give them an outing!

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Infamy, Infamy Ancient British

Having enjoyed a solo game of Infamy and another two over TTS I thought I'd make up a couple of forces for the rules, Ancient British and Romans. 

Initially I looked at Victrix 28mm but with a total cost of around £150 per army (and, due to the pack sizes, a load of figures I wouldn't need) that was rather more than I was prepared to pay. Instead I went with Newline Designs 20mm figures where an entire force (almost) was available as an army pack for a mere £39.50!

For a change I thought I'd paint them using some Vallejo "Game Wash" paints which I'd bought a while ago, using the washes over a base coat making them very quick to paint.

Firstly the Leaders:

Enough Chariots to upgrade two mobs to Chariot mounted:

Mounted skirmishers:

Three Mobs:

Three more Mobs:

A group of Fanatics:

Finally some Slingers and Javelin men:

The washes made the figures very quick to paint compared to shading or highlighting everything as I would usually do. I must admit I'm not that pleased with them despite not quite being sure why! I did all the shield patterns with a bronze rim and central rib, I think they would have looked better with coloured rims and ribs (as the Fanatics have) so I suppose I could repaint all the Mob shields. I also don't like the Mob movement trays, they look a bit sparse.

Having said that they look okay I think and are certainly useable and they were very quick to paint!