Monday, 28 December 2020

Infamy, Infamy Early Imperial Romans

The opposition for the Ancient Britons, some Newline Designs Early Imperial Romans. As with the Britons these were painted with the Vallejo washes plus, as there were some suitable ones available, LBMS shield transfers.

The Legion, four groups plus a Centurion and Signifer:

Two groups of Auxilia plus a Centurion:

A group of Auxiliary cavalry:

Finally some Eastern Auxiliary archers:

Unlike the Britons I'm really pleased with these, they were so easy to paint and the washes gave a nice shaded effect. The shield transfers also helped a lot, I've tried LBMS shield transfers on 15mm figures before and been unimpressed (mainly as they are so frustrating to apply!) but with the larger 20mm figures they were really easy to apply and are much nicer than I could have painted by hand. Just need to be allowed to attend the club again now to give them an outing!


  1. They look great! Specially the Auxilia infantry, I have a soft spot for them.

  2. Thanks Matias they were so easy to paint with the washes and shield transfers as well. Most of the colours are based on the old Peter Connolly Roman Army book I had when I was at school!