Sunday, 27 December 2020

Infamy, Infamy Ancient British

Having enjoyed a solo game of Infamy and another two over TTS I thought I'd make up a couple of forces for the rules, Ancient British and Romans. 

Initially I looked at Victrix 28mm but with a total cost of around £150 per army (and, due to the pack sizes, a load of figures I wouldn't need) that was rather more than I was prepared to pay. Instead I went with Newline Designs 20mm figures where an entire force (almost) was available as an army pack for a mere £39.50!

For a change I thought I'd paint them using some Vallejo "Game Wash" paints which I'd bought a while ago, using the washes over a base coat making them very quick to paint.

Firstly the Leaders:

Enough Chariots to upgrade two mobs to Chariot mounted:

Mounted skirmishers:

Three Mobs:

Three more Mobs:

A group of Fanatics:

Finally some Slingers and Javelin men:

The washes made the figures very quick to paint compared to shading or highlighting everything as I would usually do. I must admit I'm not that pleased with them despite not quite being sure why! I did all the shield patterns with a bronze rim and central rib, I think they would have looked better with coloured rims and ribs (as the Fanatics have) so I suppose I could repaint all the Mob shields. I also don't like the Mob movement trays, they look a bit sparse.

Having said that they look okay I think and are certainly useable and they were very quick to paint!

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